contemporary art exhibition

14 – 16 October 2016

Thessalonikis 37 Moschato, Athens



Historically, Art has always had the persistent desire to return to its everlasting dialogue with science, sociology and philosophy. This usually happens when art is in crisis, in other words, when the mainspring of its development or evolution, expressed through a certain movement, a certain trend or a specific style is at risk.

In contemporary history any attempt to detect a more compact internal power in the human species has been confuted by the exaltation of the glorified models of a simple external surface.

The group exhibition TIDAL FLOW is a timely reminder of the art capabilities to motivate a deeper contemplation of life and society. Heidegger responded to Sartre when the latter disputed the usefulness of meditation and demanded action instead “Thinking is Acting” Thinking means trying, performing, transforming. The TIDAL FLOW exhibition and its contributors entice the spectator to activate the thought about life without raising expectations of a happy solution or even an alternative structure. And that is exactly what makes it different and “in a way” fresh and new.

The venue where the exhibition takes place is the next exciting component. It is a 4000sqm boat repair shop. It is a lively spot, almost in the center of the city, which will host for 3 days artists and spectators, who will collaborate with the aim of strengthening the relationship of art and audience through projects, tools and boats. Mostly visual art will be presented in the form of video art, performances of improvisation, in situ installations, photographs, sculpture, live music, graffiti

The artists Angelos Antonopoulos, Artemis Alcalay, Amalia Antoniadou, Anthi Zahou, Yannis Ziogas, Menelaos Carayannis, Penelope Kouvara, Georgia Lale, Dimitra Liakoura, Viktoria Darila, Manolis Merambeliotis, Christos Mpligiannos, Giorgios Palamaris, Mary Roussioti, Ilias Sipsas, Diana Spyridou, Christina Fotopoulou, Vaggelis Chatzis, the tenor singer Giorgos Drakoulis, and the performance artist Elena Stavropoulou will participate in the above exhibition conceptually approaching our era, confirming primarily that a work of art is an archetype relationship between man and the world.

Jenny Tsoumpri, art curator





performance concept by Dimitra Liakoura

tenor singer Giorgos Drakoulis

performance artist Elena Stavropoulou