In this climatic-cultural moment, which places the natural and the supernatural, the human and the monstrous, the earthly and the beautiful, on the same level, the project Internal Motivation is a proposal of ecological awakening approached by the visual community, redefining the effect of the human factor in the climate, aiming at a new social dynamic of visual ecological awareness

The project concerns the creative approach of the visual artists regarding the violent change of the landscape by human activity. It is an investigation of the dimension of the environmental problem, with the object of the images revealing the human footprint on the landscape, which is changing rapidly. Humans tend to distinguish between work and leisure, between travel habits and visits to nature, and only reluctantly make connections between our consumption and changed conditions in the world.

Very rarely do we put the causes of climate change directly in relation to the consequences. By finding ways to bring together experiences, interpretations and emotions, we can have a more holistic experience and the role of the individual in climate risk can become clearer.

Artists share the general concern of society and many works and exhibitions focus on the issue of the climate crisis.

After all, art can only serve its purpose when it comes into direct contact with the viewer: to create values. The works created by  the artists are upcycled, made from trash or unused products.

 It is a group exhibition of Maria Andonatou,  Anthi Zachou, Elena Antonopoulou, Christina Sylvia Simantira and Mary Roussioti.

Tidalflowart’s actions include coastal cleanups, information and awareness actions for the protection of the environment and nature, exhibitions of upcycled works, created by artists and aims to create projects for the environment, which will last and concern the ecology and society.



Μaria Andonatou


Anthi Zahou

Elena Antonopoulou

Christina Sylvia Simantira

Mary Roussioti