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It is not the recognition of meaning that is important, but the purpose behind the meaning.

Purpose is important.

Modern artworks are created in the private studios of the creators and are then exhibited to the public.

The eco project FleVes is about the creative approach of the visual art community regarding the violent landscape change stemming from human activity. It is an exploration of its ecological dimension through images that portray the human footprint on the rapidly changing landscape.


Man’s power over the environment, especially in recent years, is the reason behind the symbolic intervention on the island of Fleves and the purification of its beaches from the sea-borne waste. The artists used this in order to create visual art. This art is created by the actual waste itself, which was collected from the island in October 2018. It was initially exhibited at the Kallithea Marine on 20 January 2019, and the purpose of the exhibition was to amplify the ecological awareness of the public through presentations, visual events and workshops. The purpose of the intervention is symbolic, inspired by the name fleVes + Φλέβες, which refers to the internal organs of the human body and its extension as part of the natural environment.

Asking the question of what happens to us internally and the landscape image changed?

Starting with this question, the group of artists participating in fleVes (the eco project) and Tidal Flow Art (a non-profit making company dedicated to the arts), which co-ordinates the group, submits ideas, and creates projects, comes into contact with the public, trains and are trained through a collective process in order to explore the rationale of ecological consciousness.

What is happening to us? What can we change? Where can we begin from in order to be meaningful and delimited regarding the way we should behave in the environment in which we exist?

How can art help with that and become a communicator with meaningful results?

Participating Artists :

Sofia Kyriacou

Μanolis Merambeliotis

Anthi Zahou

Penelope Kouvara

Penny Gkeka

Αpostolos Papageorgiou

Chrysa Skordaki

 Paulina Kyritsopoulou

 Stavroula Kaziale

Lydia Margaroni

Μaria Andonatou

Thomas Galatos

Eva Rentzou