aliki eco project – act I & II



A proposal of ecological conscience that is approached collectively by the art community. The project includes collection of waste-garbage that exists in the area of Aliki and Aigio Wetland and is creatively approached by the group of artists on the notion of  the violent change of the landscape due to human activity. It is an exploration of this project’s ecological dimension, with the object of images that reveal the human footprint in the landscape, which is changing rapidly.



The authoritarian relationship of man to the environment, especially in recent years, inspired the previous symbolic action – intervention on the island of Fleves, which administratively belongs to the municipality of Vari – Voula – Vouliagmeni, and the cleaning of a certain beach from waste transported there by sea, with the aim of utilizing them for the creation of works of art.



The material that society uses and rejects is transformed in the privacy of the ateliers of the creators and return to the public space as works of contemporary art.


The purpose of the intervention has a symbolic character inspired by the name Nature Morte (Still Life) which refers to still life as an extension of human actions.

tidal flow art @ aliki eco project poster