contemporary art exhibition

15 – 31 May 2017

Municipal Art Gallery of Piraeus






Tidal Flow Revisited is the next step. Some artists have changed. Some works of art have been replaced. All the artworks go beyond the limits of imagination and open doors and worlds. They are traces which partially and silently remain and which must be given a meaning, and are interpreted as a projection of our own spiritual and cultural frameworks.

Above all, a work of art is an adventure of the mind. A non-negotiable theory which is difficult to grasp. Does the viewer have to show restraint? Does he have to flatter? Discuss? Perhaps it only needs his attention.

Let’s take a journey to the core of the human phase where something happens. Where the sequential change of knowledge is given in pictures and in concepts. Where knowledge meets philosophy. The artwork projects an image, but, at the same time, it is a form of work and action. It is a projection of the inner ego, what we call internal necessity, but for me the most important and the less obvious, is the philosophical approach in response to the request of the universal life that we live.

This mainly arises from the different attitude on the part of artists, a position that gives emphasis to the idea, not the object.

In all the presented artworks, the artists theorize less and deal with more, with a light and humorous mood, social data focusing on specifics, condensing the materials and forms.

This exhibition provides visitors with the opportunity to see and hear a multimedia oeuvre, where, by stealing the title Tidal Flow, I thought that this project could, through its works, give us answers to a series of issues which are being discussed nowadays.

Jenny Tsoumpri, art curator


tidal flow art revisited - Giorgios Palamaris
Giorgios Palamaris
tidal flow art revisited - Yiannis Ziogas
Yiannis Ziogas
tidal flow art revisited - Laura Dodson
Laura Dodson
tidal flow art revisited - Sophia Kyriakou
Sophia Kyriakou
tidal flow art revisited - Aggelos Antonopoulos
Aggelos Antonopoulos
tidal flow art revisited - Penelope Kouvara
Penelope Kouvara
tidal flow art revisited - Mary Roussioti
Mary Roussioti
tidal flow art revisited - Artemis Alcalay
Artemis Alcalay
tidal flow art revisited - Amalia Antoniadou
Amalia Antoniadou
tidal flow art revisited- Manolis Merambeliotis
Manolis Merambeliotis
tidal flow art revisited - Anthi Zahou
Anthi Zahou
tidal flow art revisited - Vaggelis Chatzis
Vaggelis Chatzis
tidal flow art revisited - Maria Schina
Maria Schina
tidal flow art revisited - Christos Mpligiannos
Christos Mpligiannos
tidal flow art revisited - Maroussa Paravalou
Maroussa Paravalou
tidal flow art revisited - Christina Sylvia Simantira
Christina Sylvia Simantira
tidal flow art revisited - Victoria Darila
Victoria Darila
tidal flow art revisited - Periklis Pravitas
Periklis Pravitas
tidal flow art revisited - Ilias Sipsas
Ilias Sipsas
tidal flow Revisited- Spy


performance by Georgia Lale